Concrete and Epoxy floors.

Specialized in treatments for floors of stone, concrete and resin. The latest technology in installation of continuous pavements, we assure a fast and effective service so that you enjoy a resistant floor, with quality and guarantee in a very short time:

  • Polished and crystallized marble, restoration of marble.
  • Polished floors of concrete and resin.
  • Application of continuous concrete pavements continuous epoxy resin pavements.
  • Application of epoxy resin floors, application of polyurethane floors: monochrome or multicolour (decorative).
  • Polished, vitrified & diamond finishes, polished terrazzo, marble and granite
  • Sealing, waterproofing, wet effect, waxed and glazed mirror gloss.
  • Restoration of marble: Sandblasting, finishing of natural gloss, polishing, application of resin, crystallization, etc.
  • Façades restoration, restoration of floors of ships, restoration of concrete floors, restoration of resin floors.
  • Repair and polishing of floors. Restoration of joints, cracks, holes and stains removal.
  • Formation in ground polishing, epoxy resin applicator, marble polishing, restoration of concrete floors, and restoration of resin floors.